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Feta marinated with garlic an peperoncini

Product information

The sheep's cheese is the typical salt-cheese from Greece refined with garlic and pepperoni.

Nutritional values

Energy in kJ / 100 g or 100 ml 1325 kJ / 320 kcal / 100g
Fat 28 g / 100g
of which saturates 21 g / 100g
Carbohydrates 1,1 g / 100g
of which sugars <0,5 g / 100g
Protein 16 g / 100g
Salt 2,0 g / 100g


SHEEPS MILK* (62%), GOATS MILK * (27%), garlic * (4%), pepperoni * (2%), sea salt, brandy vinegar *
allergenic ingredients: Milk and dairy products including lactose
*= ingredients from organic farming


The garlic-peperoncini mix is produced by bio-verde in the Bavarian Eresing itself. The mix forms the basis for the production of the cheese with garlic peperoncini in Greece according to our recipe.


Milk and dairy products including lactose

Additional information

Origin of the raw materials: Greece
Country of final processing:
Quality: EU organic logo EU agriculture
Control authority: GR-BIO-03

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