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Our quality standards

We are advocats of the ultimate taste. Therefore we apply the strictest quality standards to our organic fine foods.

“100% PURE” is our promise of quality. That is why we do not use any added flavours, sugar or other additives in our recipes. The unaltered taste of the ingredients comes to the fore and exactly that makes all the difference when you taste the pure quality of bio-verde products.


The use of particularly gentle processing and a lot of manual work also ensure great, fresh taste. Wherever possible, we use cold manufacturing processes for uncompromised freshness. The highest hygiene standards are therefore a fundamental requirement.

100% organic raw products

Best organic quality for excellent taste

Since 1990 we have been producing our products in 100% certified organic quality and we have cultivated a long-standing partnership with Naturland over the years. All the raw products and ingredients used for our products are free from added hormones, radiation and genetically modified organisms. The organic certification is subject to control by the the Association for organic agriculture based in Karlsruhe (DE-ÖKO-007).

Gentle processing

Guaranteed Freshness & full of flavour

Antipasti, sauces, salads and spreads are processed as gently as possible and freshly packed to retain the valuable nutrients and the unbelievably fresh taste. The processing of the products is subject to the highest hygiene standards.

Consciously simple recipes

Best ingredients - simple yet refined taste!

All products are made using traditional methods and authentic recipes. We do not use any additives – only the best raw materials will find their way into our products. The focus is solely on the unaltered fresh taste.

Manual work

Gentle processing techniques

The processing according to our manufacturing requirements goes hand in hand with creating highly qualified jobs requiring a great degree of craftsmanship.

Production facilities in Bavaria

High-skilled jobs on site

Safeguarding regional jobs and ensuring the highest quality standards are our top priorities, which is why our fresh antipasti, sauces, salads and spreads are being processed directly at our Eresing site.


Modern EU model company

Our production facilities are subject to the strict requirements of EU hygiene regulations regarding the processing of cheese, meat and fish. Corresponding health certifications are available from the government authorities for all three areas. From the veterinary side, our company has been regarded as one of the most modern model companies in the EU since 2003.

Quality assurance

Our purpose: Consistent quality on the highest level

Before our products leave our production facility, we check every lot in our in-house laboratory for microbiology, pesticides and other residues. Further tests, for example regarding origin, special characteristics, etc., are carried out by laboratories commissioned by us in order to guarantee the highest level of product and quality security. The processes during production are based on extensive hygiene and allergen management. We train our employees regularly in the areas of hygiene and quality.

In addition, our company is IFS-certified and the implementation of a HACCP quality management system helps ensure consistently excellent quality. Ultimately, however, the decisive factor is whether the products really taste good. For this purpose, internal tastings are being conducted. We also get our customers’ opinions on the taste of our products at our numerous organised tastings directly at the sales outlets.


We check all lots in our own laboratory daily.



We at bio-verde have been committed to sustainable and fair production since the company was founded in 1983. The long-term relationships that we cultivate with our suppliers and partners serve as the basis of our actions.

We see it as our responsibility to contribute to a fair and sustainable use of resources. That is why we only use raw materials that come from certified organic agriculture and contribute to preserving the regenerative capacites of the environment. Social justice also plays a key role in our understanding of sustainability. Through our actions as a company, we are obliged to ensure fair conditions along the entire value chain. We place fair and sustainable growth and the sustainability of our actions in the long run above all.

We are constantly working on reducing our carbon footprint through numerous other initiatives. This includes, for example, the optimization of our packaging and the use of renewable energies. In cooperation with research institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute and the Technical University of Ilmenau, we also work on projects to calculate the carbon footprint of our products and the consumption of resources as well as ways of implementating innovative packaging materials.

As of the wear 2021, we have attained a certification according to the CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics) standard. The set of evaluation criteria examine the company in its entity in terms of its sustainability along the value chain. Furthermore, through reducing and compensating for the greenhouse gases emitted by our actions, we have managed to reach climate neutrality.

With the help of annual, independent audits and regular meetings of our in-house sustainability team, we will ensure that we are continuously working on sustainability.

Our sustainable initiatives


Over 90% of our paper packaging has already been converted to FSC-certified material from responsible forestry. Since 2019 1.3 million plastic lids have been saved through cutting out the plastic lids on our fresh salads and spreads. The hard shells for the service counter were also changed to refill bags and the packaging for our charcuterie was changed from plastic to cardboard trays – again a saving of 70% and 71% plastic, respectively. We will not stop there though, we will work on optimising our packaging even further.


Working towards attaining the  certification of the company according to the CSE standard (Certified Sustainable Economics), we at bio-verde implemented a sustainability management system. The CSE criteria cover all areas of economic, social and ecological sustainability as well as three further individual goals – in our case the reduction of resource consumption, waste reduction and separation as well as carbon neutrality, which  we set to achieve within the next 3 to 5 years.

Chickpeas from Austria

We source most of the chickpeas from the Heymann family in Lower Austria. Karin and Josef have specialized in growing a particularly small variety of chickpeas that grows well in the region’s cimatic conditions. Contract cultivation now amounts to over 40 tons per year. Through joint efforts the chickpeas have also been certified according to Naturland standards in 2020. A great example of regional cultivation and sourcing for the highest quality!