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We are advocats
of the ultimate taste

The coastal breeze of Ireland, the fresh mountain air of Greece, the warm sun of northern Italy: all that combined with our love for hand crafted foods gives our products their outstanding taste. Inspired by the markets of this world – we offer products in the highest organic quality.


Have you already tried these?

Artichoke hearts
Pesto with wild garlic
Hummus Ginger
Chickpea salad with cucumber and dill
Spelt Saccottini with burrata and spinat 250g
Prosciutto crudo cold cuts from Italy
Original Mini Feta
Culinary worlds

Let the journey begin!


Best organic raw products
& gentle processing

When it comes to what goes into our products, we have the highest quality standards and solely use the best ingredients. In our opinion, these can only be sourced from certified organic agriculture and aquaculture. Refined through gentle and, whenever possible, cold processing techniques, we try to preserve the natural taste as well as the nutrients and health promoting ingredients of the produce.


Since 1983 we proudly stand for best
organic fine foods & sustainable indulgence

Founded in 1983 and to this day an owner-led company, we see ourselves as pioneers of natural – and since 1990 100% organic – fine foods. Around 60% of our product range which currently consists of more than 200 products are processed directly at our facilities in Eresing, about 40 kilometers south-west of Munich.

We strive for the greatest possible culinary enjoyment