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We use 100% organic ingredients – without exception – and have done so for over 30 years. Welcome to the world of natural fine foods.

Our philosophy

Inspired by the markets of this world - we offer you all the culinary specialities in 100% organic quality.

We stand for the highest quality standards and therefore solely use the best raw materials. In our opinion these raw materials can only be sourced from certified organic agriculture or aquaculture. We foster close relationships with our suppliers and place great importance on long-term partnerships in order to safeguard the livelihoods of small and medium-sized farms. Many suppliers have long since become friends.

The gentle processing of raw materials is a matter of course for us and results in products which are fresh and intense in flavor. “100% PURE” is our promise of quality, because we completely do away with any flavorings, sugar or other additives. To us “organic” is not a trend but part of an open worldview which is based on respect for the environment. We commit to the protection of natural resources and with our range of organic fine foods we want to contribute to the preservation of cooking and eating culture.

Our history

Since 1986, we have been pioneers committed to producing the best organic fine foods and sustainable specialties.

Founded in 1983, just three years later we made a momentous decision that will greatly influence the further course of our company’s history: in 1986 we fully committed to the best quality, which means to us using exclusively organic raw products – a first milestone. In 1990 we managed to fully implement this and changed the entire product assortment to 100% organic. To us certified organic is not a fleeting trend but an all-embracing approach to life which has accompanied us until today – which we live by until today.

Our aim is to combine the best raw materials with the highest standards. Whether it comes to suppliers, customers or employees – we place great importance on fair and long-term partnerships in order to safeguard livelihoods. We are also committed to protecting nature and our resources.


Company merger

The two owner-managed companies BioOnda and Isana join forces with the bio-verde brand.


30-year anniversary of bio-verde

We celebrate our 30th company anniversary.


Development of the project "Organic trout farming in Upper Bavaria"

Species-appropriate rearing in near-natural pond systems with everything needed for healthy growth: clean water, the best forage and enough exercise.


New building & extension

Of warehouse and administration facilities.


Start of the production of organic salads and spreads

Ready-to-eat – as a small, healthy snack.


Extension of the production capacities

By building a second production facility at the Eresing site.


New building at the current location in Eresing / Upper Bavaria

With production capacities, a warehouse and administration facilities.


Start of the project “Organic salmon from Ireland” - Naturland certified

Irish bio-verde salmon is kept in enclosures 6 km off the west coast of Ireland, where the fish can swim permanently against the current of the open sea and thus hardly accumulate any fat.


Development of the project "Organic charcutery from Italy"

Exclusive, artisanal products based on traditional recipes.


100% organic quality

Conversion of the entire product assortment to 100% organic.


Development of the project "Original Greek Feta"

And start of the production of our antipasti.


Startof the production of natural fine foods.

Pasta & sauces – under the brand bio-verde.


Founding of the company

In Seefeld/Upper Bavaria.

Best organic fine foods since 1983

Our team

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.“ (Aristotle)

The solidarity with our employees is important to us, because they contribute to the overall success of bio-verde. In total, the bio-verde team consists of 230 employees that all contribute to our goal of bringing the best products to our customers. With the highest standards for quality and sustainability, we want to be an ecologically and socially fair employer. We are convinced that together we can shape a successful and bright future.

Bio-verde is more than just an employer - we are a team, a family!


Around 100 employees in Eresing

The beating heart of bio-verde is our production. every day around 100 employees work on our fresh products in Eresing / Upper Bavaria. There’s a lot of love that goes into our products!


Quality assurance

8 employees in Eresing

The 8-strong team around quality manager Martin Hahn, who has been part of the bio-verde family for over 17 years, ensures day after day that only products of the best quality leave our warehouse.

Job vacancies

Join the bio-verde family!